‘I searched through his phone after the constant lies. Now, my heart no longer races every time a phone ‘dings.’: Woman says ‘there is a person out there who will treat you like treasure’

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“They say one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

As trash, I was cheated on.
As treasure, I notice his eyes stay focused on mine during a conversation even when other girls walk by.

As trash, I felt like I needed to spend every single day and night with him. Not out of love, but because it was the only way I could keep an eye on him.
As treasure, I feel safe and secure whether we’re together or apart.

As trash, I was constantly lied to.
As treasure, I’ve never heard two different stories about one situation.

As trash, I’d search through his phone.
As treasure, my heart doesn’t race every time his phone ‘dings.’

As trash, I questioned my self worth.
As treasure, I’ve never felt more confident in myself.

As trash, I lost myself.

I lost my spark, my wit, my humor, myself respect, and my way of life.

I felt pathetic, insecure, and miserable.

What a waste of 5 years of my life.

I allowed myself to be treated like trash thinking I wasn’t good enough for anyone else, thinking that if I left I’d be doomed to be forever alone.

Then I met my husband and my spark started to return.

The spark in my eyes.

The spark in my personality.

The spark in my heart.

Now I RADIATE with happiness.

So if you feel like you’re currently one man’s trash, remember there’s a man out there who will treat you like the treasure you are. (Or eff them all and be your own treasure).”

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