‘I woke with tired eyes, snappy replies. I had a mountain of laundry to start. ‘What if, for once, I wasn’t productive?’ I had this eager feeling. So, I did it. Disguised in active wear, I rented a five-dollar robe.’

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“Sunday’s are usually the day that Mommy and Daddy take the Little Poppet to visit the Grandparents.

But this morning my tired eyes and snappy replies must have been a strong indication that Mummy needed a little break, so Daddy ever so kindly and ever so reluctantly suggested he take the Little Poppet by himself. What a helpful Daddy.

So there I was, sat at our home that hasn’t felt this empty in months, with only the sound of Baby TV playing in the background to be heard.

I had that eager feeling in my belly, the feeling of not wanting to waste a minute of this impromptu ‘me’ time whilst also wanting to sit here and do absolutely nothing.

I could start on the mountain of laundry, I could finally put away the piles of clean clothes, and I really should sort the Tupperware cupboard. All these things that need to be done but can never get done efficiently with a child in tow.

But what if, for once, I wasn’t productive. What if I didn’t think about the things that NEED to be done.. what if, for one time, I stepped off the treadmill of life, walked away from the routine?! Let the ratio of Tupperware tubs to Tupperware lids continue to escalate?

So, with that thought shoved to the forefront of my busy mind, I shaved my leg fuzz, I packed a little bag, and I drove to a local fitness center.

Now, please don’t be fooled. I haven’t completely lost the plot and decided to partake in some sort of exercise. Let’s just all calm down.

But you see, this place that I haven’t yet used but have been paying a monthly membership for with all the right intentions also has LOUNGERS, and ROBES and a JACUZZI! Remember a jacuzzi?! Neither do I!

So, I did it.

Disguised in active wear, I went straight to the pool and rented a five-dollar robe, which came with disposable slippers that I will definitely be taking home.

It doesn’t exactly scream luxurious spa day, but compared to a hot bath once a week with the make-believe sounds of a distant baby cry, it’s a little slice of temporary paradise.

Courtesy of June (@ladymama_lard)

Yes, I could have ‘got on top’ of the laundry. I could have finally cleaned behind the sofa or sorted the baby clothes… but I didn’t.

If this is selfish, I choose selfish. And if this is extravagant, then you need to come here and see the tired looking tiles of this place.

But I really don’t care.

Because I guess this is what they call self-care. And I’m trying to use all that ‘care’ in the tank to give to this exact moment in time.

Because when I got home the laundry looked less mountainous.

The night time routine wasn’t so rushed.

I read two stories to the little Poppet and when she grizzled, like she inevitably does, I felt more patient.

So I know self care is always last on our list of priorities, but funnily enough, I’m sure it has the most benefits.

You’ve just got. to. do. it.”

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