‘It has been a rough couple of weeks for Mason due to one TINY LITTLE FREAKING TICK!’

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“I want to share a story with y’all about ticks because it’s real, it’s scary, and it can most certainly happen to anyone. It happened to my sweet little 5 year old, Mason Lee.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Mason due to one TINY LITTLE FREAKING TICK! I know most everyone knows that ticks are bad around here and to be precautions about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. BUT my Mason got bit by a tick and ended up with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which is not common here!

So here’s how it all happened…

Mason started with a tick in his belly button, so we of course got it out, but it soon got infected and very red around the entire bite. After going to the doctor because of the bite and also having impetigo, Mason was then put on an antibiotic. Within that time, Mason started to get other symptoms including fatigue, diarrhea, fever, headache, and pain in his abdomen. On the last day of his meds he suddenly got a rash from head to toe.

The rash started Sunday around noon which was 10-14 days after the initial tick bite. At first the rash looked like it was just heat rash from being outside all weekend and how miserably hot it was. It started off small but within 8-10 hours it was already getting worse. The next morning when he woke up it had gotten progressively worse.

Courtesy Danielle McNair

We went to the doctor immediately and they believed it was a delayed reaction to the antibiotic he just finished taking and sent us home. WELL… I was NOT satisfied with that answer and neither was my sister, who told me they needed to do a tick panel on him. I called back after doing my own research on tick-borne diseases and showed them what I had found on Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Courtesy Danielle McNair

Both doctors consulted once again after researching further on what I brought to their attention of his symptoms and timeline. That is when they finally figured out he had Rocky Mountain. He had to start his antibiotic that day and now is completely healthy and we have no more worries! Thank God!
I’m sharing this with y’all to raise awareness about this being in our area!! I found out a few days later that an older women (who my Nana knows) had been bitten by a tick and also got Rocky Mountain!
If you don’t know what types of complications come with getting Rocky Mountain spotted fever, I have posted a picture of how serious it is. It can be treated with an antibiotic and there can be a full recovery with no long-term damages if caught in a timely manner! BUT IT HAS TO BE TREATED WITH THE CORRECT ANTIBIOTIC! Which is why the first antiobiotic did not work!

Courtesy Danielle McNair

Please be aware of ticks and make sure to check yourself and your kids every time when coming from outside! Especially in wooded areas, by lakes, tall grasses, etc.

Courtesy Danielle McNair

This has been a horribly scary experience for our family. I’m thankful that I did my own research and brought it to my doctors attention. So don’t EVER be afraid to be an advocate for your child or yourself when it comes to things like this!

Courtesy Danielle McNair

I love my children’s doctors and I’m not saying anything bad about them or anything in that manner. Doctors are humans and have to figure out the puzzle just like the rest of us do!

But I am SO THANKFUL that I looked on my own and made sure I did not stop until I had the answer for what was happening to him!

So people, Rocky Mountain spotted fever is definitely something to be aware of this summer. Mason is PROOF that it is here in Troup Co. Be safe out there and take tick bites seriously!”

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