‘It isn’t the sleepless nights, the many mundane tasks, or even the physical toll of pregnancy and breastfeeding.’: Mom of 3 reflects on the trials of motherhood

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“The most challenging parts of motherhood aren’t the sleepless nights or the many mundane tasks that get repeated numerous time a day.

It’s not even listening to the crying or the physical toll that pregnancy and breastfeeding (especially back-to-back pregnancies or even doing both at once) takes on your body.

These things certainly aren’t easy, but it’s not what makes motherhood hard…

Mom poses with two of her three children while out on a walk wearing a blue tank top and jean shorts
Courtesy of Molly Orth

The most challenging part of motherhood is loving your children more than life itself and wanting to give them the world, yet feeling like you’re always falling short.

It’s trying to find the balance between protecting them but also allowing them to make mistakes that could potentially hurt them so they learn.

It’s feeling like the days are passing you by and if you blink, you might just miss it.

It’s feeling guilty when you look at the clock to see when your next break will be, because you know you should be savoring each moment, but you also didn’t get any sleep the night before and just want to nap.

Mom of 3 shows candid photo of what it's like trying to get a good picture with her children while out on a nature walk
Courtesy of Molly Orth

It’s feeling the responsibility to influence them in a positive way because you know ‘the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.’

It’s knowing you’ve only got one shot at motherhood before they’re grown up and gone.

It’s knowing all of the seemingly insignificant moments of your day are going to equal the sum of who they become.

Motherhood isn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Mom kisses her youngest son on the cheek while enjoying the nice summer weather
Courtesy of Molly Orth

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