Marry The One Who Chooses Love, Even When It’s Hard

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“Marry the one who doesn’t mind doing dishes… or the laundry, or the cooking, or whatever needs to be done.

Marry the one who will support you in everything that matters to your heart, from your silliest ideas to your grandest dreams.

Marry the one who pulls you away from the sink and into a dance in the kitchen.

Marry the one who pays attention and is thoughtful with your wants and needs.

Marry the one who’s willing and happy to binge your favorite show. Each and every season.

Marry the one who changes diapers, responds gently to middle-of-the-night cries, and believes parenting is a privilege and a partnership.

The one who cherishes the days of sleeping with precious little feet in the face.

Marry the one who teases playfully, sneaks extra kisses, holds your hand in public and says ‘I love you’ unabashedly.

Marry the one who makes you feel beautiful. Who laughs with you.

Who comforts you when you cry.

Marry the one who shows up every day — when life is great, when it’s miserable, when it’s everything in between.

Marry the one who’s willing to brave the rollercoaster — the ups and downs of marriage.

Marry the one who knows love is a choice more than it is a feeling.

The one who will choose love, even when it’s hard.

The one who will choose YOU, especially when you wouldn’t choose yourself.

Marry the one who’ll walk beside you all the way through.

Through the late nights with sick babies.

Through the early mornings for the stressful job.

Through weight gain and gray hair and wrinkles.

Through the moments when you’re at your worst.

Through weeks, and months, and maybe even YEARS of pain or distance.

Through real sickness.

Financial troubles.

Middle age.

Devastating loss.

Through the moments of wondering if the feeling can ever truly be captured again.

Marry the kind one.

The GOOD one.

The one who hears you, and sees you, and validates your feelings.

Marry the one who knows you deeply and who loves you as you are.

The one who will spend a lifetime trying to be the partner you deserve.

Marry that one…

and BE that one…

for the one you want to marry.”

dad holding baby
Courtesy of Cassie Gottula Shaw

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