‘I chose to have kids. But I am imperfect and eventually use up all my patience.’: Mom opens up about motherhood burnout, ‘Next time you see an exhausted mom, tell her she’s doing a great job’

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“So often we talk about burnout when it comes to teachers, nurses, doctors, and just about any paying position that involves working with others on a constant basis.

Mostly because serving others is exhausting.

They all chose their jobs, just like mothers chose to have children.

Yet, in comment after comment on social media posts, mothers are told we chose to have our kids, so we CAN’T burn out.


We do burn out.

We feel over-touched, overly loved, and overly sensitized to everything.

Being a mother is the most exhausting job I have ever had, and I once worked three jobs back-to-back before I became a mom.

Mothers burnout too.

We chose to have kids.

I chose to have kids.

But, I am an imperfect human, and eventually, I use up all of my patience and its reserves.

This is why jobs give vacation time.

Because everyone needs a break from the important things they do




There is no vacation time in motherhood.

In fact, we are shamed if we even mention taking a break from our precious babies.

This is why we burnout.

This is why we carry it all.

This is why we are scared to ask for help.

Mothers love their children.

They love them so much that when they get any time without them…

they think about them,

talk about them,

and look for them by their side.

Moms burnout too.

We shouldn’t be shamed for that.

We shouldn’t be told that we don’t love our children.

We burn out because we love them so much we forget to care for ourselves.

So, next time you see an exhausted mother, remember that she’s exhausted from serving her children so they may one day learn to serve others the same…

And tell her she’s doing a great job!

*Also, I respect all professions (especially those mentioned above). In fact, without professions that serve, our society would cease to exist.”

mom with her two kids
Courtesy of Holly Dignen

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