‘She ‘stocked up’ on a 2-month supply. ‘I shouldn’t have to put my family in jeopardy just because others don’t know how to prepare.’: Mom says ‘preparing shouldn’t look like hoarding’

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“It isn’t ‘being prepared’ when you take so much that others can’t be prepared too. It’s not just ‘being prepared’ at that point. It is selfishly hoarding.

I saw a comment from someone who ‘stocked up’ a 2-month supply of TP, cleaning products, and dry goods, saying it wasn’t her fault she was planning ahead and prepared when others weren’t. She went on to say she shouldn’t have to put her (not vulnerable) family in jeopardy just because others don’t know how to prepare.

Meanwhile, people who actually are vulnerable are going store to store looking for essentials to get them through the next FEW DAYS. Their schedule and/or budget didn’t allow them to get there any sooner. They can’t prepare (or even have a normal supply) because of those selfishly hoarding. I have a friend with MS who is a teacher and didn’t have time to get to the store this weekend (conserving her energy is essential during her work week) and had been to three stores today searching for the basics because others decided this week to get a 2 month supply of everything.

If you want to have a stash for emergencies (a good idea to have 3 to 6 months’ worth of supplies on hand) do so but recognize the privilege in being able to do so and don’t wait until there is an actual crisis to have a 2-month stock. Do it well before then. Otherwise you’re selfishly hoarding and keeping others from being prepared as well.

We’ve been through a number of hurricanes, including without power for 2 weeks in Houston when we had an infant and all the stores closed. We know how to prepare. We know how to strategically plan for minimal food waste and creative stretching of supplies. I’m thrilled I’m not filling my bathtub to be able to flush toilets for who knows how long and we’re not figuring out where FEMA stations will be before losing access to any information. We’re experienced with crisis shopping and emergency survival situations.

Our family has decided we will be okay waiting for supplies until the middle of next week. Our own emergency supplies are really low, thanks to a financially difficult past 4 months. We will have run out of produce by then and we’ll be running low on some things but when we went shopping last week, we decided we would get just our normal amount because none of us are in the vulnerable population. It is safer for one of us to go out to the store next week. We would rather truly vulnerable individuals be able to get what they need. We’ll figure it out when we need to and can travel further, go to more stores, and take that relatively low risk for our family.

Preparing shouldn’t look like hoarding. A stash that could last you 2 months when you have zero risk factors is hoarding at a time like this and puts more vulnerable people at risk. It is selfish, not being prepared.”

Courtesy Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber

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