No, Everything Our Soldiers And Their Families Sacrificed Was Not ‘All For Nothing’

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“I’m often not speechless, but over the last few days I have been.

My first reaction was anger, deep down a lot of it. I’d open my social media and see my newsfeed filled with the same emotion. I see a lot of people sharing that everything soldiers and their families sacrificed was all for nothing. I felt my chest getting tight with each video I’d watch of good people desperate to flee a place where they are not safe.

I refuse to say what my husband and his teammates did was all for nothing because of the good they looked for while he was there serving.

Military wife hugs her husband after he returns from serving in Afghanistan
Courtesy of Tarah Carr

I’m holding onto the fact that maybe for the first time in some of the Afghanis’ lives, they felt loved, empowered, heard and cared for.

I’m holding onto the fact that with the help of a lot of good people, he provided them with care packages and at times gave the shirt off of his back.

Man serving in Afghanistan takes a photo in full uniform out on a mission with a German Shepherd
Courtesy of Tarah Carr

I’m holding onto the fact that he helped some of his interpreters get citizenship to the United States.

I’m holding onto the fact that he helped some young kids out of life threatening situations and for the rest of what childhood was left, he gave them hope and showed them love, dignity and compassion.

Man serving in Afghanistan stands in uniform while talking to children in a classroom
Courtesy of Tarah Carr

I’m holding onto the fact that women had rights because he cared enough to fight for them to have them.

Am I devastated? Absolutely.

I feel gutted. I feel gutted for all of the brothers and sisters who served, for The Gold Star families, for the people we love that we lost and for the people over there living in sheer fear right now.

I refuse to erase all of the good that a lot of people we love fought for though. While I respect and appreciate everyone’s differing opinions, please don’t slide into my inbox or text apologizing for ‘wasted years.’ I know you mean well, but after days to process my emotions, it’s not my opinion.

I’m going to continue to remind the boys that their time away from their Dad WAS for something because he was willing to risk it all for the humanity of another human being’s life before he even laid eyes on them.

Little boy cuddles with a dog tag and a doll of his dad off serving in the war in Afghanistan
Courtesy of Tarah Carr

They won’t ever forget that kind of character and neither will I.”

Young dad serving in the military hugs his sons and his wife after returning from Afghanistan
Courtesy of Tarah Carr
Courtesy of Tarah Carr

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