From A Special Needs Mother: Please Stop Parking On The Blue & Yellow Lines

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“I thought I would share a picture of Cauy after his doctors appointment. Even people with handicap plates don’t understand how important it is to not park on the blue/yellow lines.

My husband Rob and I started our journey with our special needs son 9 years ago when our twins (Cauy and Skylee) were born at 24 weeks. Our son Cauy, who is pictured in the wheelchair, was born with a brain bleed which led to the diagnosis of Cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

At the time of their birth and diagnosis we had no clue the struggles and blessings we would encounter raising a child with special needs. Rob and I made the decision that no matter what we would use Cauy’s story as a blessing to others.

We started a Facebook Page ‘Cauys Crew’ to highlight Cauy and his victories, struggles, and to raise awareness. We have had many opportunities to educate, mentor, and serve others because of our willingness to be open about the struggles we encounter. We try our best to have a positive outlook and try to educate everyone instead of putting down or shaming people just because they just do not know.

The parking issue that has been spread across the internet is just one of many struggles we face on a weekly basis. We run into the issue of someone parking in the blue lines or placing their shopping cart on the lines and blocking our ramp about 1-2 times per week.

I took this picture to share with my grandma who recently shared a story with me about a woman being unable to get into her van due to the ramp access being blocked.

After talking with many friends and family we noticed that many people just do not know what those lines are for. My intention with sharing this photo is to only raise awareness to the public and friends who might not know how important it is to watch the lines when parking next to a handicap spot.”

Janet Boland I just thought I would share a picture of Cauy after his doctors appt. even people with handicap plates don't understand how important it is to not park on the blue/ yellow lines.

Posted by Shanna Logue Mondy on Thursday, May 17, 2018


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