‘This isn’t the introduction to motherhood you expected. Even though I have not been able to see you, I see you.’: Woman urges ‘you are loved, you are enough’ to new moms during pandemic

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“Oh Mama,

At a time when nerves are already shot, anxiety is high and fear of the unknown is running rampant in your mind, no one could blame you for wanting the most serene sense of calm as you welcome this beautiful little person into your life.

However, the world is currently in complete turmoil. And as a direct result you’ve had to endure a crash course in coping as two life-changing events collide.

This certainly isn’t the introduction to Motherhood you expected or the celebration you deserved.

Structure, red tape, and protocol have replaced carefully considered birth arrangements.

Rubber gloves now hinder the warmth of human touch.

Acknowledgment in the form of a smile that you’re on the right track now hidden by a sterile mask.

Guarded behavior where everyone questions their every move and all you crave is compassion, connection, and a loving shoulder to lean on.

God knows this is hard enough at the best of times without throwing a pandemic into the equation.

It wasn’t meant to be this way.

It’s okay to be angry.

It’s justified you feel frightened.

It’s understandable you are overwhelmed.

What I would give to sit in solace with you.

To wipe dry your jaded tears and hold your hand in mine. To squeeze you tight. Sympathies in your tales of sleep deprivation and feeding woes while rocking your baby in my arms as your own take a much-needed rest.

To witness you flourish from woman to mother in what will be the greatest transformation of your life, even though it may not feel it right now.

So, Mama please remember…

Although this world is upside down,

You are the world to them.

Your instincts are second to none.

Your strength is unprecedented.

And everything you require is within.

Please know that even though I have not been able to see you, I see you.

You are loved, you are enough, and you are doing this!”

Courtesy of @parlatos_family

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