Toddler and his dog share their love for each other one ridiculous photo at a time

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“Mortie is a 4-year-old Miniature Pinscher/Yorkie cross. My husband and I adopted him as a puppy from our local animal rescue and he instantly became our fur baby. What started as needing a dog as a prop in a photo shoot quickly turned into something special. I am a producer for a commercial photography studio and we discovered he is a natural behind the camera. And so, with the talent of my crew, their love for dogs, and after-hours at the studio, we created one ridiculous photo shoot at a time. Mort had a solo career for a few years — even making his own calendar we gave out to friends and family.


dog with bowtie sitting under sign saying, "kissing booth $.05" next to white tulips and candy in yard
Blake Fisher


dog with glasses and backpack on sitting on classroom desk with lunchbox saying, "mortie" next to pencils and crayons
Blake Fisher


dog sitting in grass with amercan flag tshirt and bandana on next to mini american flags staked in yard
Blake Fisher


dog with eye patch and pirate har on sitting next to jack-o-lanterns and chest with pirate bootie and sword
Blake Fisher


dog with bow tie on licking his mouth sitting at dining room table with thanksgiving feats in front of him
Blake Fisher


dog with winter hat and sweater on pulling sled with presents and pine tree in snow
Blake Fisher

However, my beloved lap dog would soon have to share his beloved lap.

Pregnant with our first child, my husband and I weren’t sure how Mortie would handle the new commotion. ‘The House of Mortie’ was about to get a shakeup… in the best way possible.

 dog with white sunglasses on sitting in a house in between male and female who are holding baby onesie over dogs head
Blake Fisher
dog sitting on stool with male holding stethoscope in its ears listening to pregnant woman's stomach
Blake Fisher

September 3, 2016: Emmett was born. Happy to be home from the hospital, we introduced the newest family member.

dog sniffing newborn sleeping in white basket with arms crossed and pacifier in mouth
Meg Cooper

Mortie was sweet, timid, and gentle.

dog resting head on woman's lap with newborn baby sleeping in her arms
Meg Cooper

He would sneak kisses and jump at the chance to cuddle in the soft baby blankets. We joked that Mort had ‘tired eyes’ as he often looked stressed and frazzled from his long nights too. When mom is up, Mortie is up!

dog resting head on baby's back while baby is sleeping on mans chest
Alisha Lawrence

As the months went on, Emmett and Mortie’s bond continued to grow.

baby sleeping in portable crib with dog laying next to it
Alisha Lawrence

One of Emmett’s first words was (a version) of Mortie, and we even had to size up Mortie’s collar because of all the food Emmett fed him when we weren’t looking. It was only natural we continue our tradition; one ridiculous photo shoot at a time.

The first shoot we did was for Valentine’s Day. I remember thinking there was no way we’d get them both to cooperate, but lo and behold, magic!

dog with red bandana sitting on kitchen counter with valentines decorations next to baby in mixing bowl with chefs hat on
Blake Fisher

My heart melted at the sight of these two together, so I knew this was the perfect holiday for their first shoot. At the time, Emmett was 5 months and just starting to try infant cereal… Mortie couldn’t be more excited. And that’s when the idea of ‘Taste Tester’ came to mind. (Emmett’s shirt says ‘Kiss the Cook.’) Plus, I like to think Mortie is getting a taste of his own medicine with Emmett’s generous drool kisses. I can already tell they love each other so much and I can’t wait to see their brotherly bond evolve.

Aren’t they so beary cute?!

dog with "ty" heart logo around neck amongst stuffed animals and baby sitting next to them holding heart-shaped box
Blake Fisher

For Halloween, they went as Small Fry and Big Mac.

dog in hamburger hat sitting next to baby in fry costume with mcdonald's food in front of them
Blake Fisher

There is no agenda behind these photo shoots. I don’t know when the next one will be or when they will end. My aspiration is to create a few fun images to remember this time in our life; one ridiculous photo shoot at a time. Babies don’t keep and all dogs go to heaven.

Also, my husband says, ‘Send help.’”

dog with shower cap sitting next to baby in bucket with shower cap on surrounded by bubbles
Blake Fisher

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