‘We don’t have a perfect relationship. We yell, we cry, we get into petty fights. But in the end, we’d give our lives for one another.’: Woman shares ode to sister, ‘God gave me my best friend through biology’

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“Rachel and I are best friends.

We do not have a perfect relationship, but we are best friends.

We love each other and would literally give our lives for one another, but we do tell it like it is.

We have yelled and cried and almost killed each other with our petty fights.

One of the most notable fights was when we were in high school and I slapped Rachel for talking about the Oregon Trail computer game too much!

We drove each other crazy and drove each other to school arguing the whole way! No one could make me as angry as my sister could. However, no one made me feel more loved than my sister could.

But, after all that, we survived adolescenthood and are adults on the other side. We still love each other, but we fight less.

She is the one I want to tell good news to. She is the one I call crying at 1 in the morning, disappointed and dejected. She inspires me, pushes me, and prays for me!

Maid of honor at my wedding, the first one to hug and kiss me at the airport returning from India with my newly adopted daughter, my singing partner, and my best friend.

Now, as our daughters play (and fight), I am reminded of our childhood. Our girls were both born the same year and adopted the same year. They were meant to be best friends! They challenge one another and teach each other how to be brave and kind and loving and patient.

God gave me my best friend through biology and gave my daughter her best friend through adoption! What a beautiful life we get to live.”

Courtesy of Natalie Welch
Courtesy of Natalie Welch

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