‘We stopped to watch the construction crew. ‘Wow, what a COOL job!’ They screamed for joy. I pray they never put down others, and always see the value in hard work.’: Parents teach kids all jobs are ‘extremely valuable’

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“Kids find awe in almost anything.

The entire world is magic to them.

Tiny caterpillars or big cement trucks.

The jobs people have and do to contribute to the world.

As parents, we shape what they get curious about.


We let their curiosity shape us.

If we were intentional about learning more and discussing what sparks their interest.

If we stopped to watch the construction crew working on our neighbor’s house. The cement truck pulled up and they screamed for joy.

When they started mixing the cement, I heard sounds I have never heard and learned how gravel is added and the cement powder. They use almost a constant spray of water when it’s mixing.

We talked about what cement is used for, and how important this job is because almost every building, sidewalk, or road is made of cement or has it in its foundation.

Without strong foundations, things fall or fail.

The conversation ended with them saying, ‘Wow, what a cool job.’ I hope they don’t lose the awe and understanding of the value of work.

Hard work.

Work that goes unnoticed by so many of us. Job opportunities that are extremely valuable, yet under appreciated.

I don’t know what they’ll end up growing up to be, but my prayer is that they love the work they do. I pray they do it with great pride and care. I pray their job contributes to the greater good and helps others. I pray they never underestimate their work or put down others, but rather respect the job and see the hard work.”

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