‘We’re working like our kids aren’t there, parenting like we don’t work. I knew giving birth was hard, but this is so much harder.’: Mom says ‘we make the impossible happen’

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“Stay at home moms have an incredibly hard job. 

Full-time working moms have an incredibly hard job. 

But to do both… 

Working like your kids aren’t there, parenting like you don’t work, and helping teach school is a battle that cannot be won. 

It is the impossible. 

This isn’t a job for the weak or even the strong. This is a hardship. This is an unkind situation with no options. 

I’m stuck here between a rock and hard place. 

I am a full-time working mom with two young kids at home. I do not have a nanny or in-person school or daycare. 

It’s just me most days and let me tell you, it is the longest 9 hours of career woman/mommy/teacher I have ever encountered. 

I knew giving birth was hard and it would make me a stronger woman, but being isolated with work and parenting all rolled into one is so much harder. 

I want my children safe, but I miss our time apart. They need what daycare teaches them, to be around other children all day, and to have structure. I need to separate my work time and my mommy-time. 

Right now, the lines are blurred and I am not a working mom or a SAHM. I am both while living through a pandemic. 

Thankfully, my family is healthy and safe, but this pandemic is affecting those who don’t even have Covid-19. 

My mental health is suffering, my parenting is suffering, my work is suffering, and my kid’s social skills and attachment issues are suffering. 

I am trying to stay afloat and complete the impossible five days a week. 

Stay at home moms have an incredibly hard job. 

Full-time working moms have an incredibly hard job. 

Doing both while helping teach is the impossible, yet us moms find a way to make it work. 

Somehow, someway, we make the impossible happen.” 

Courtesy of Alicia Nedry

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