Why We Are Doing NOTHING This Summer

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“I had big plans to be a ‘good mom’ this summer. There were going to be chore charts, reading goals, daily letter writing practice, and cursive classes.

There would be no screen time until the beds were made, and planned activities for each day of the week.

Recently was the first day of summer vacation and our scheduled beach day.

But here’s what we did instead.

Lounged in our PJ’s until 11 a.m., baked the girls’ pick — chocolate chip cookie brownies, started an art project we never finished, then moved to the pool.

It’s so easy to be pressured by things we see on social. Ways to challenge our kids and enrich their summer. But let’s be real—we’re all tired.

Tired of chores, tired of schedules and places to be, tired of pressure, and tired of unrealistic expectations.

So instead of a schedule we’re doing nothing this summer. Literally NOTHING.

No camps. No classes and no curriculums.

Instead, we’re going to see where each day takes us. I’ve dubbed this the ‘Summer of Me,’ so workouts and clean eating are a priority for me. And also giving our girls the freedom to pick what THEY want to do.

We may go to a local pool and check out the swimming programs. And we join the local YMCA. But whatever we do—it will be low key.

It will include family time, too much TV, a few trips, lots of sunshine, some new roller skates, water balloons, plenty of boredom, rest, relaxation, and reading. (Because mama likes to read!)

So if you haven’t figured out what you’re doing this summer or next summer in advance, you’re not alone.

And guess what? It’s OK! Your kids will be fine and so will you.”

Kristen Hewitt

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