‘Today, my mom asked me for help. She asked me to send a plea. There is nothing left for those who need it most.’: Woman urges others to make masks for healthcare workers, ‘Support them so they can support us’

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“My mom is a nurse.

When I was growing up, my mom worked nights. She left the house after we went to bed. Sometimes she wasn’t home when we left for school the next day.

She only got 2 to 3 hours of sleep some days so she could pick us up from school and chauffeur us around to every activity known to man.

As I grew older, the meaning behind ‘my mom is a nurse’ changed.

In high school, I started working in the very hospital that depended on her and I saw what being a nurse actually meant: treating every patient with respect, kindness, and compassion while being a patient advocate.

I learned that a nurse is part of a vast team of people who make the hospital run at all cylinders. I learned that everyone, no matter what department, is an important piece of the puzzle — environmental services, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory services, nutrition and more. Every role is just as important as the next.

My mom is a nurse.

As I moved into my early 20s, the respect I had for my mom and her colleagues grew. I realized no matter how much I wanted to grasp all aspects of going into the healthcare field, I didn’t have the same abilities as these real-life angels among us.

My mom is a nurse.

As years passed, I watched her grow into a leader in her field. I watched her get defeated too many days to count and yet keep going back for more the following day. I watched her success, which to the outside world, is warranted — but in the healthcare field, everyone deserves.

For me, my mom is perfect. I could only hope one day, I could be just a fraction of the person my mom had become.

My mom is a nurse.

Courtesy Jess Goniu

She’s one of the smartest, kindest, most hard-working people I know. She is one in a team of people who continue to care for and advocate for patients, not only in her own hospital but around the country. My mom didn’t ever need anything from me…

… until today.

Today, my mom asked me for help, something I never would have guessed was ever possible. She knew my voice could be heard and asked me to send a plea. Our healthcare workers will continue to care for patients as the numbers of this horrible outbreak continue to rise around this country.

But their need for personal protective equipment is rising too. The hoarding of supplies by people outside of the medical field has been so bad, there is nothing left for those who need it most. Sure, there are options. Maybe we can make some so healthcare workers can avoid having to wear bandanas or scarves around their faces. Sewn masks may not be the perfect solution but it can be deployed quickly.

Courtesy Jess Goniu

If you have an excessive amount or how to sew or can learn quickly, please consider helping out your local healthcare workers, first responders, and others working on the front lines.

My mom is a nurse. So is my sister, my sister in law, my brother in law, my friends, and my cousins.

She asked for help today. If roles were reversed, she’d be right by my side supporting me, so why can’t I do this? We need to support them so they can support us.”

Courtesy Jess Goniu

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