‘Won’t you get too attached?’ Every every court date, every appointment, every 2 a.m. feeding, he may never even remember the slightest thought of me.’: Woman shares candid reality of being a foster parent

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“I feel like a constant mess, but I guess I fake it so well that my friends and family can’t see because they keep asking me, ‘How do you do this without getting too attached?’

Every time I hear it, I literally want to laugh out loud. You should all know this is more than hard on me—all of it. I feel every moment deeply from the day I say ‘yes’ until the day we say ‘goodbye.’ 

Every appointment, every court date, every 2 a.m. feeding as I’m looking into his eyes, I know he may never even remember the slightest thought of me while I will never forget him.

I’m not super human. I’m not amazing or wonderful. I’m not the best mom ever. I can’t cook five-course meals or even help with fifth-grade math. I worry and stress and grieve and cry. 

After years of this, I still feel my heart fall deep in the pit of my stomach every at unannounced phone call I get from the caseworker. Maybe she’s calling with news I can’t possibly stand to hear right now. My mind races through all the possibilities.

What I am, though, is dedicated to supporting families. I’m willing to expand my comfort zone, and honestly, I’ve intentionally chosen to lose a little piece of my heart so that maybe, just maybe, it would help mend theirs. 

All of this is a choice for me. Not an easy one and definitely not a safe and comfortable one, but I know by choosing to say ‘yes’ we can ultimately help change the course of a child’s life and a family’s life, and that’s something I’m willing to do over and over and over again, even though I know I will always get ‘too attached.’”

Courtesy of Real Life Foster Mom

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