‘When people find out we’re expecting they say, ‘Wow, you’re brave.’ ‘Brave’ often sounds a lot like ‘crazy.’: Mom pregnant with rainbow baby during quarantine, ‘This is exactly the right time’

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“When people find out we’re expecting our third baby, the usual response is, ‘Wow, you’re brave.’ Although given the intonation, ‘brave’ often sounds a lot like ‘crazy.’

And maybe, a few weeks from now, the word crazy will seem more appropriate. Maybe we’ll be overwhelmed with diapers and little ones needing midnight feeds and constant reassurance. Maybe we’ll look at each other and laugh and joke about how insane life feels. We’ll pull our hair and throw our hands in the air and wonder what exactly we’ve gotten ourselves into.

But at the heart of it, we’ll always know that this is how things were designed to be — a family that was created from the very beginning to look the way it does. Uniquely ours.

Because bravery had nothing to do with the fact that our family was missing someone.

This babe.

And this little one is the exact person we need, joining our family at exactly the right time.

God knew him before we did. And God gave him to us now, to love with all we’ve got. To teach and to train and to cherish.

There are five other members of our family that you can’t see. Five babies lost. Five goodbyes said. They’re a part of this family too. No babe replaces another, each little one stretches this family to new heights.

So yeah, love is brave.

Love is crazy.

But this love? It’s beautiful in all its chaos.”

Courtesy of Liz Mannegren

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