‘It’s time to check on your pregnant friends, too – because their babies will be born, even if the rest of the world is shutting down.’: Birth doula urges to expecting moms ‘you are NOT alone, don’t let fear win’

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“The world is shutting down, but babies will be born.

We can’t control that.

Will they be born into chaos and panic?

Separation and isolation?

There is no evidence separating mother and baby, if either test positive for this virus, is the right thing to do.

There is evidence breast milk has antibodies, bonding is crucial, and separation is traumatic.

Babies will continue to be born.

Preventing a birthing person from having their support team with them — not even a spouse, but ALSO not their doula, trained and contracted to provide them with emotional and physical comfort — is traumatic and brutal, plain and simple.

Babies will be born, and not everyone has the resources to birth out of a hospital. It’s just unfeasible.

I don’t know what the right answers are, but if separation and isolation and refusing support are the ‘right answers’ now, what is the plan to support and treat the resulting birth trauma, mental health diagnoses, breastfeeding issues, etc.?

I usually say, ‘Ask a new mom how she’s doing.’ PLEASE DO THAT. But it’s time to check on your pregnant friends, too — because their babies will be born, even if the rest of the world is shut down.

My heart is with each and every one of you, and it’s breaking for those of you who are so negatively affected right now. Your feelings, fears, and concerns are all SO valid. You are heard and loved. So many of us are sending you soooo much love.

If you are unsure about your hospital’s policies and how it may affect your upcoming birth, I encourage you to reach out and ask for answers. Obviously this is an unprecedented situation, and things are changing quickly, but you can still be informed about the most up-to-date policies to help you navigate your new or existing birth plan.

Be prepared, and don’t let fear win.

Breathe, get fresh air, talk to your baby, talk to friends, take a break from the news, and relax however you can.

If you need help finding resources, I am a doula myself. I’m more than willing to help anyone who needs it, however I can, wherever you are.

You are supported and loved. You are NOT alone.

And a very special thank you to ALL medical personnel right now…words can’t even start to describe our appreciation for all you are doing, now and always.”

Courtesy of Nicholle Godar

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