10 Healing Methods for Sexual Violence Survivors

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Courtesy of Merrisa Carshéna

It’s only when we face the parts that feel dirty, guilty, broken, hard, and painful we can find closure in allowing them to be exposed and sorted.

It begins to feel harder to go through, as your mind and body are now at a place where they feel comfortable enough to release, which is what makes healing a messy and complex journey; on some days it’s easier to laugh and smile than on others.

There’s no getting past this point, but there are methods to healing and coping mechanisms that can funnel the chaos of Pandora’s Box, as well as help you to get re-introduced to yourself.

We have no control over the trauma we face, but because we have control over how we heal to a certain point, it’s crucial we be intentional (while paying attention to what is being communicated through us), intuitive, and gentle with ourselves.

1. Allow Your Emotions to Flow Through Your Body

Crying, screaming.

2. Recreational Practices

Journaling, music.

3. Bodily Movements

Yoga, stretching, dancing, walking.

4. Disclose to Trusted Friends and Family for Support

5. Seek Professional Assistance

6. Self-Affirm

Positive self-talk, compassion, reassurance.

7. Connect and Share with Other Survivors

8. Practice Trusting Your Body Again

Self-soothing, self-pleasuring, helpful books.

9. Create a ‘Triggers’ and ‘Safe’ List

10. Listen to Your Thoughts and Intuition

Take necessary legal action and educate yourself more on the issue.

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