2021—This Year I’m Making The Rules

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After a year filled with uncertainty, sadness, and social distancing. A year of feeling guilt and exhaustion on a level we didn’t know existed. 

A year I realized how much I miss sounds—mostly the sounds of people gathering. 

And the big one, not hugging.

I have decided in 2021—I’m making the rules. 

2020 was a year none of us could have imagined and a year we seemed to run in circles while we waited and hoped for someone or something to save us. 

We had the madness of constant opinion-based news rather than facts, leaving us confused and often angry, while sometimes aggressively defending the news we chose to believe. 

Let’s throw in a presidential election, social media, racism, and a few other things sprinkled in between, and POOF, I was the recipient of a front-row seat of anger and sadness on a daily basis.

So, 2021, chill out.

You are not in charge of my life, I am. 

I am going to continue to strive for and produce more laughter. I am going to do my part to stay healthy and keep others safe and healthy. I am not going to push my beliefs or my ability (or inability) to survive each day on others.

I am going to work hard and be thankful I have two jobs. I will continue to give back to others when I can because I never want to take for granted the blessings I’ve had in my life. 

I will continue to bake massive amounts of chocolate chip cookies (because they’re my favorite) and dip amazing peanut butter balls in dark chocolate because both of these things truly do make the world a better place. 

My main goal on my list for 2021 will be LOVE. As hokey as it sounds, 2020 has taught me some things I am not sure I would have learned had I not lived through this year. The importance of touch and not leaving things unsaid to those we love. 

The ability to savor moments I probably would have taken for granted in 2019. 

To reach out to others. 

To not judge. 

To pray more.

I have learned LOVE is what I need most in my life. It is what lifts me up when I’m on my knees. It is the hugs I get in my memories when I’m alone. It gives me hope when I think there is none. It is the one thing 2020 could not take from me. 

So, I have decided in 2021, I WILL LOVE!”

Courtesy of Becky Gacono

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