‘A week from now marks 5 years since I married the father of my children, and the first wedding anniversary we are no longer a couple.’: Mom peacefully coparents with ex-husband, ‘I wish him everything good and more’

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“Well, it’s almost here.

7 days from now marks what would have been 5 years since I married the father of my 3 children.

This is the first wedding anniversary we are no longer a couple.

My anxiety generally works ahead of time, so 8 days early is about accurate.

I know it’ll hurt.

That day.

I know I’m going to feel a sense of failure and heartache.

So, my reasonable self is trying to tell my future self not to be hard on myself.

To know I’m at peace with my decision.

To know I am happy.

To know I did what was best for all of us, including him…

I usually watch my wedding video each year and the kids watch it with me…

This is another first since…

Time has helped us all.

I wish him everything good and more.

Seven days from now, I will acknowledge it was the day I married a man who is no longer my love, but who will always be in my life and I will celebrate the 3 children we share.

We live.

We love.

We learn.

Till death do us part still stands, only in another form.

One for my my Lacey.

One for Rory.

One for Lola.”

Courtesy of Lucy Watts
Courtesy of Lucy Watts

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