‘Dad, a surprise is coming your way.’ He’d been struggling with cancer. We got the news: ‘You can no longer have chemo treatments.’ I wanted to lift his spirits.’: Strangers show act of kindness for veteran battling cancer

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“My father, a Vietnam Navy Veteran, has been struggling with cancer and we just got the news that he can no longer have chemo treatments. I wanted to lift his spirits and rent him his favorite sports car for the day, which are not easy to find rentals for!

I posted in Viper Club of America on Facebook just asking for a rental recommendation of his favorite sports car, a Dodge Viper. This group has shown me the true purpose of Facebook. I posted a simple message asking for a recommendation, but little did I know what would come to fruition.

My father, a true hero and fighter, has been battling cancer for quite some time, and in an attempt to lift his spirits, I thought a manly ride in a Viper might do the trick.

With the help of this group, and some amazing people I have tagged, my father not only got to ride in a Dodge Viper, but he truly had the experience of a lifetime. When I say that these men went above and beyond, words cannot describe the kindness they have shown to my father, myself, and my family.

Sitting on the front lawn this morning, I told my father he had a little surprise headed his way. What came next was truly breathtaking. Not one, not two, not even three, but six, yes that’s right, SIX Vipers pulled up to the Moylan household.

Now, my dad’s been pretty tired recently, but when he saw this group pull up, the look on his face was one I’ll never forget.

Courtesy of Mallory Moylan
Courtesy of Mallory Moylan

After taking in the initial shock, he walked the line of cars checking out the engines, tires, and interiors. His one and only ask was, ‘I want to go fast.’

Courtesy of Mallory Moylan
Courtesy of Mallory Moylan

Not only did he experience an amazing ride in a quite a few of these beautiful cars, but these men, just a few minutes prior strangers, rode my father to a memorial to pay their respects to the Veterans who have lost their lives fighting for our country.

Courtesy of Mallory Moylan

Now I could go on and on describing this experience, but I’ll let these pictures do the talking.

Courtesy of Mallory Moylan
Courtesy of Mallory Moylan
Courtesy of Mallory Moylan
Courtesy of Mallory Moylan

Bobby Ricigliano, who coordinated everything about this event, you have no idea how much your kindness has affected myself, my family and most importantly, my father.

To all these awesome humans who truly gave my father the experience of a lifetime, I truly have no words, except thank you from the bottom of my heart:

Chad Andersen
Rebecca Stekl Andersen
Ryan James & wife
Dustin Bassi
Tracy Luna
Fernando Luna

I am overwhelmed and truly grateful for everything about this experience, this is what our veterans fought for, helping others and being kind. Thank you Viper Club of America for making this possible.”

Courtesy of Mallory Moylan
Courtesy of Mallory Moylan

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