‘Find a friend who won’t think twice about your kids tagging along. The one you can meet up with, no questions asked, no need to explain.’: Mom says ‘you don’t deserve to feel like you’d be better off staying home’

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“Find a friend, or friends, who won’t think twice about your kids tagging along.

The ones who grab the extra pack of crayons for them at the restaurant.

The ones who welcome them with a big smile that says, ‘I’m happy to see you.’

Let me tell you—no one should ever make you feel like a burden because of them.

From the girl who was one of the first of her friends to have a child.

From the girl whose husband works swing shifts and can’t always commit to being home with them.

From the girl who’s lost friends who didn’t understand her newfound lack of freedom…and the girl with the sweetest friends who love her kids like their own.

You deserve it, mama.

You don’t deserve to feel awkward or rude to have your child tagging along to an appropriate function.

You don’t deserve to feel like you would be better off staying at home.

Don’t get me wrong—trips or weekends or nights away from your kids are much-needed and society pushes self-care like it’s the obvious winner, but time away isn’t always a reality in our day-to-day life and it just isn’t always that simple.

The truth is—you DO need the occasional ‘time-out,’ but you also need someone who doesn’t mind sharing the ‘time-in.’

Find a friend that you can meet up with, no questions asked, no need to explain.

It’s important to find a friend who will playfully rock your toddler while you finish your cup of coffee.

Trust me.”

Courtesy of Whitney Ballard

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