‘Hello, bags beneath my eyes, dimple on my butt. I love you.’: Woman pens self love letter for mental health awareness month

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“Hello, bags beneath my eyes. You remind me I’m resilient and capable of big things.

Hello, dimple on my butt. You remind me of a newborn baby’s smile.

Hello, mole atop my nose. You remind me of a good witch casting spells (and to check for skin cancer).

Hello, wrinkles around my eyes. You remind me of laughter and warm sunshine.

Hello, veins in my hands. You remind me my blood is flowing, and I’m alive.

Hello, stretch marks on my legs. You remind me of lightning bolts brightening the sky.

Hello, Liz staring back at me. You remind me I am whole, not just pieces of a whole.

You are beautiful now, you will be beautiful later, and I love you.

What greetings can you gift your body and self today?

#OdeToMyBody #EDRecovery #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth”

Woman sitting with one leg crossed over the other looking into the camera
Courtesy of Liz Getman

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