‘I used to read him story books, now he studies textbooks. I wondered if he’d ever sleep through the night. Now, I pray he’ll get home safely at night.’: Mom talks parenting all-grown-up child

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“I used to wonder if he would ever sleep through the night.

Now, I pray that he’ll get home safely at night.

I used to worry if he was eating enough.

Now, I wonder if he’ll ever get full.

I used to love putting together the cutest little outfits.

Now, I get asked if his favorite hoodie is clean.

I used to read him story books.

Now, he studies text books.

I used to take him everywhere with me.

Now, I take him everywhere he needs to go.

I used to plan play dates.

Now, I watch him go out on dates.

I used to give him baths in the kitchen sink.

Now, I bang on the bathroom door when he’s in the shower.

I used to sit on the floor and play with him.

Now, I sit court side while he plays.

I used to tuck him in at night with his favorite stuffies.

Now, I remind him to turn out the lights when he’s ready for bed.

I used to pray for his health, his happiness, and that I could somehow be the mother he needed.

…And I still do.”

Courtesy of Heather Delaney

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