In The Market Of ‘Our Hair Color Determines Our Age,’ Going Silver Is A Bold Commitment

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“Love What Matters is a beautiful title to a life-impacting idea. What brings value to something that would cause it to matter to someone? YOU are what brings value to SOMETHING to cause it to matter. I am what brings value to what matters. God cares for the smallest of things and what you may believe to be insignificant details in your life.

When I was contacted to do an article, I was shocked because, in all honesty, I didn’t think I had a ’cause’ or a specific awareness I was calling attention to—unless, I guess, I really looked. But I am calling attention to things that are important to me, and I do want awareness of where I have been awakened. And yes! I have a calling and purpose in my life.

Woman with black hair and gray roots taking smiling selfie
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

I have been spared and not seen or lived things I read about, BUT it does not mean it doesn’t touch my heart or change my life. God has been merciful and favorable to lead me to what breaks His heart and moved me to use my life to help and uplift others through the gifts He has given me. As a woman, bride, mother, sister, homeschool mom, professional photographer, cosmetologist, writer, and friend, I intentionally attempt to point to what has strengthened me in hopes it would in return become a strength for another.

The greatest joy in my life is the years I have spent and continue to spend homeschooling my children. I have had the opportunity after two graduates to reenter the homeschool community with my third child. We have a 16-year bridge between my middle and youngest. You might assume having a baby at 44 after 16 years I would be ‘done teaching in motherhood??’ No, this goes on until I am done and have seen all my days. Though having one child to teach with my two others grown and moved out, in my spare time, I am revisiting passions.

Woman with gray hair taking selfie on the beach
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

I have decided to let my hair go gray. It may be expected, depending on your thinking, but in all honesty, my age will always be MY age and what anyone thinks about me going gray doesn’t matter to anyone but ME! We can look at it this way, ‘I didn’t let myself go; I only let what you think of me go.’ Well, with the inner DNA makeup of a cosmetologist, my education in beauty resurfaced as I decided to go gray. When you let something go, you give God the okay to fill it again, and so He did. He put this desire in my heart to encourage other women through honest advice, practical encouragement, and a good ol’ fashioned boost to make their own decision about going gray.

Woman with gray hair wearing blue shirt taking smiling selfie
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

I will say, I don’t always paint a pretty picture, as going gray takes effort and commitment to see yourself differently without hesitation or fear. The idea to try new things and realize the fact you are going against the grain of the beauty industry and all the stereotypes brainwashed us, like the idea youth is a fight, is not to be reckoned with. But youth is not a standstill moment in time but can be a mentality one can live in a body aging gracefully. For me, it is not about holding onto youth but embracing LIFE. The life God has given me and whatever this may be. No comparison and no regrets because both of those are only an avenue for the enemy and not a fashion walk on Saks Fifth Avenue.

Woman with gray hair wearing blue shell necklace taking smiling selfie in the sunlight
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

After deciding to go gray, I have found this freedom that has been life-altering because it has forced me to love me as I am and how I have chosen this life. I no longer want to catch a glimpse of how I use to be or covet years gone by because of color from a box, but the color from within. Gray is described as a lack of color, but this lack of color forces you to create and BE your own art. It is an invitation on a blank canvas. During this season, I started an Instagram account to express being a photo writer, find like-minded ladies, and become a part of a community that gathered and shared their ideas, experiences, and expertise.

This avenue also allowed me to use my writing to bring wit and wisdom through these wild years. Yes, wild! The years homeschooling through hot flashes was a new journey I have never traveled and had no choice but to ride out, so I demanded from myself to age as I gray with grace, and yet not lacking the grit it takes. So I opened a silver account to share silver inspiration and another for homeschool devotionals, curriculum review, and a glimpse to seeing the Messiah in the mess and reading his message and me.

Woman with gray hair taking selfie looking off into the distance
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

I find myself in a unique position because I have been behind the chair and in the chair, so when I go to the salon I know what I want and how to ask for it, even though I have been cutting my own hair for the past 6 months. More importantly, I want to share what I know and what I learn with others, and even most importantly equip and empower other women to become knowledgeable and do their own research and experiment. What works for me may not work for others, but we can all apply our own grit and live, learn, and love who we are created to be. Going silver is a bold commitment to make, especially in the media-drenched market of ‘our hair color determines our age.’ It doesn’t, but it does determine if you will see yourself how others tell you or how you decide.

Woman with gray curly hair looking at camera taking a selfie
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

Here Are Some Tips Filled With Faith and Sass

1. Find a Stylist to Support Your Choice

They are out there!

2. Do Not be Afraid to Experiment with New Cuts and Styles

This takes commitment and grit.

3. Enjoy the Transition

DO NOT alter your process of seeing the line of demarcation. Avoid highlights or other chemical treatments during this time. The process makes you stronger. Get your eyes used to the dramatic changes you are going through, mentally and physically.

4. Do Not Retaliate Against an Insult or a Snide Remark

Use it to reinforce your decision and find a community that has transitioned: #SilverSisters #GreyGraceAndGrit #TangledSilverSis

5. Learn Your OWN Hair

Purple shampoo is your friend and so is advice. Do NOT compare your hair.

6. Journal and Write Down What You Enjoy and Learn About Yourself

Let me just SCREAM if from the rooftops now—you may find this has nothing to do with your hair! Oh my, this gray hair revolution you decided to embark on will become a REVELATION to great things about yourself you never knew OR were hindered earlier in life. You will feel and live true freedom and be able to share with others.

7. Take Care of Your Skin

Okay, this one is really important, so I put it last to complete the list. Maybe the most important tip I can offer. It is going to take time for you to get used to this, which usually occurs during the transition. Take care of your skin!

Yes! Wait! What?? If you neglect your skin, you will not feel young and your new hair color will not help. Manage the balance between your hair and skin. This contrast, or lack thereof, is a stark reminder if you are fighting the natural aging process or if you are embracing your gray and gracefully aging.”

Woman with gray hair looking into sky standing on the beach
Courtesy of Tina Pirozzoli

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