‘Jack asked to wear his sister’s pants. He had his eye on them since they appeared. We both paused.’: Mom worries about son’s self expression, ‘Will they chalk it up to us, his two mom’s?’

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“Let him wear the pants.

This week, Jack asked to wear his sister’s pants to school. 

They were green camo leggings, and he had his eye on them since they appeared the weekend before as hand-me-downs from friends.  

Of course I said, ‘Sure.’ I didn’t think twice until I mentioned his choice to my wife. We both paused. 

It wasn’t like either of us cared. Jack loves all things that sparkle. We have some phenomenal photos of him walking around in my heels, bare bummed. They’ll be amazing laughs when he is in his 20s.

Courtesy of Christina Young
Courtesy of Christina Young

We paused because we immediately worried for him. What would people think? Would kids make fun of him at school?  

The last time that happened, our proud boy stood up for his pink Crocs with beautiful resilience, seemingly unfazed, so we knew he could handle it should another round of judgement come his way.

I’m not going to lie, I wondered internally over what his teachers and other adults might think. Will they chalk it up to us, his two moms? 

After 20 seconds of reviewing potential scenarios, we went back to our gut decision. We told him how great he looked, watching him grin in satisfaction from ear to ear.

Courtesy of Christina Young 

This is a reminder that worrying about what others think is never as important as our own happiness. If your children are proud of independent choices that bring them joy, celebrate them. Let him wear the pants. 

For the record, his sister gladly and proudly took his pants that day in return. Just saying.”

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