‘Let go of the expectations. Enjoy the lights, do away with the to-do lists, breathe, and hold on to the people you love.’: Woman reminds us to cherish time with loved ones this Christmas

“Why does this holiday season feel so weird? Anyone else feeling it?

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m pretty sure I just ate turkey and stuffing yesterday and all of the sudden Christmas is less than two weeks away.

Maybe it’s because I saw the first Christmas tree in stores on…oh, I don’t know… September 12th before I even knew what my kid was going to be for Halloween.

Maybe it’s because I’m struggling buying gifts for people because I feel overwhelmed with the ‘things’ in my house. I’m not amped about giving people ‘things.’

Maybe it’s because all I want to do is sit around and watch Christmas movies but there’s always somewhere to be and an email to write.

Or maybe it’s because I’m so busy buying the things the stores are telling me I need to be busy buying that I’m not looking at the gifts right in front of me.

I need to breathe out stress, and let contentment in.

Can we all do it together? (I’ll wait.)

But really, friends…can we JUST sit on the couch without Amazon pulled up on our screen and instead pull one of the kids up onto the couch beside us and watch a Christmas movie?

Can we push all of the to-do lists and school flyers and unopened bills to the corner of the island and invite the neighbors over for pizza and some board games and not apologize 15 times for the crumbs on the floor by their feet?

Can we just put the kids in the car in their pajamas, turn on the holiday station, and drive around and enjoy the lights?

Can we just …oh, I don’t know…stop?

And breathe. And enjoy. And be with each other. And reflect. And love.

And let go of the expectations of the season…and hold on to the people we love.

Because that’s where the joy lies. That’s where contentment is.

THAT is where the holiday lives.”

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Courtesy of Brea Schmidt

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