‘Today I got called a boring mother, a crappy mother, a wonderful mother and that I was so much fun. All in a matter of hours.’: Mom urges ‘the last thing you need right now is guilt’

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“I want you to know there are a lot of us who aren’t freaking acing it like we ‘are meant to’ right now.

Some of us haven’t read a book to our child or asked a math question other than ‘Who ate the last cookie?’ There were 8 cookies left!

Some of us have sat on the couch with no activities planned because the thought of playing with slime is anxiety-provoking and doing a scavenger hunt is just part of our daily routine. (I am some of us, by the way.)

And I know when you see other mothers talking about their schedules and routines while you’re sitting on the couch eating brownies, it makes you feel a little crappy and that ugly guilt sets in.

Right now, it’s a really difficult time. Really difficult. You can’t get out of the house, hug your best friend, or go see your parents. You turn on the news and it makes you want to spray Lysol 20 on the people you live with because it instills some serious fear in you.

Today I got called a boring mother, a crappy mother, a wonderful mother, and told I was so much fun. All in a matter of a few hours.

What I’m getting at is, you’ll never please these b*stards, so don’t try.

No, no, I’m kidding.

I’m saying the last thing you need right now is guilt. So if they spend their days on iPads while you gather your thoughts, it’s okay. If you wanna sit in your pajamas and eat brownies and watch Frozen 2 on repeat all day, that’s OKAY. If the house looks like a bomb site, who gives a crap? Really. No one is going to visit you anyway.

Suicide rates are going to soar. It’s a fact that breaks my heart. Most of us with mental health issues are really going to suffer right now, so do we need to add guilt to it right now? No way. Throw it away. Put it in the bin. We are in a pandemic. If Pinterest is just for viewing right now, then holy crap, that is so okay.

If all you did was just survive, then you’re doing an amazing job.

Today I was told ‘I love you mom’ and that’s all I need. Right now, love is all we need.”

Courtesy Laura Mazza

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