My Newborn Saved Me From The Pits Of Addiction

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“I never saw my life being where it is today. When I was 15 years old I was headed down a very dark road. I was addicted to self-harm, abusing drugs and alcohol, constantly having the cops at my house because my parents were so scared of me and what I might do.

I had six psychiatric hospitalizations, and was sent to two deprecate residentials [Residential Depression Treatment].

A couple months after my 19th birthday, I found myself homeless. My parents didn’t know what else to do, so they kicked me out. I was sleeping on a friend’s couch for months. Still the same person I was. Until I met Zach.

Zach and I were dating for about two months or so when we found out we were having a child. I was so scared. I didn’t know how to react. Part of me was excited as any woman would be that they’re pregnant, but another part was absolutely terrified. ‘Would I be a good mother?,’ ‘Would I be able to provide for this child?,’ etc.

Pregnant woman who was once an addict stands on rock near river holding her stomach
Sarah Furlong

I knew in that moment it was time for me to grow up and be the adult I should be. Zach and I moved in with his brother, and we started moving towards a better life. He helped me get a job, and get my GED, and together we made it through, one day at a time.

When we found it we were having a little girl, my heart swelled. I never knew I could love someone so much until that point. I knew I would do whatever I needed to do to make sure she had what she needs.

Pregnant woman who was once an addict holds swaddled newborn to chest after birth
Sarah Furlong

Fast forward a year. I am now two years clean of self-harm, drugs and alcohol, I own a home, I pay my bills, I have a loving fiancé and my daughter is the happiest baby. She saved me from that dark road.

She made me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and gave me a reason to change. I can finally say I love my life. Yes, there are still bad days, but she makes it worth fighting through, and not give in to my urges. Zayla Grace is my lifesaver.”

Close up of baby laughing whose mother was once an addict
Sarah Furlong

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