‘We waited for age 3 to potty train. We started preschool late. We baptized when our son was old enough to understand what it means.’: Mom urges ‘move at your own pace, mama’

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“Mama, move at your own pace.

We waited to potty-train our boys. It was after they turned 3.

We waited to start preschool for our oldest. He attended one year, for only two days a week.

We waited to start sports until we knew we could stand all the extra running around.

We waited to baptize our oldest until we knew he understood what it represents.

We waited to take the training wheels off bikes until the kids were ready.

Because it doesn’t matter what timeline others are on; parents know what’s right for their own families.

The world will try to pressure you to hurry it all up.

And good meaning people will chime in with advice on how to do your job better.

But as a parent, raising up the littles in your home is your responsibility.

So, don’t feel bad about taking your time to ease into anything.

And as the world is reopening and all the pressures start to return, remember, motherhood is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.

Don’t let anyone rush you, Mama.

It’s okay to move at your own pace.”

Courtesy of Jaclyn Warren

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