‘You were my friend when I needed it. You loved on my daughter during the moments I couldn’t be with her.’: First-time mom writes emotional thank you letter for NICU Nurse Appreciation Week

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“To our NICU nurses,

My eyes are watery and I have a lump in my throat because I don’t know where to begin. So I guess I’ll start with ‘thank you.’

You saved my baby and kept her breathing while I recovered after birth.

You were the one to help me meet and hold my daughter for the very first time.

New mom smiles big while she holds her premature newborn daughter for the first time
Courtesy of Leanna Romoser

You were patient with me while I asked a million questions as a first time parent.

You helped me learn how to change her diaper and give her a bath for the very first time.

You shared in my joy with milestones and helped me stay strong through our setbacks.

You educated me on medical terms and explained things in a way I could really understand.

First time parents snap a photo of their newborn daughter sleeping in an isolette in the NICU
Courtesy of Leanna Romoser

You were my friend when I needed it, and you let me cry when sometimes I just needed a moment.

You encouraged me with pumping and encouraged me that formula was okay, too.

You showed me how to do handle a three-pound baby without making it seem frightening.

First time dad wears a face mask while watching his premature newborn daughter sleep in an isolette in the NICU
Courtesy of Leanna Romoser

You empowered me in my new title as ‘mom‘ and respected my preferences.

You loved on my daughter during the moments I couldn’t be with her.

You told me how beautiful she was when I was shocked to see her so little and hooked up to chords.

You allowed me to be sad and happy and scared and excited at the same time.

You did so much for our family, and in the moment I guess I didn’t realize. But looking back, you are a huge part in what helped me get through that season. There will never be enough words to truly show my appreciation.

So I guess I’ll start with ‘thank you.’”

First time mom holds her newborn premature daughter while wearing a face mask
Courtesy of Leanna Romoser

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