‘Does it REALLY matter if she wears the d*mn earmuffs to school? NO, obviously not.’: Mom urges acceptance of quirks in kids, ‘One day I’ll miss these moments’

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“Lately, my 2.5-year-old daughter has been acting more and more like, well you know a 2.5-year-old. She tried to throw a temper tantrum the other day. Still hasn’t quite got it down. My brother and I were in tears watching her slither like a snake, fake crying after us as we walked into the other room.

Anyway, the newest battle. Leopard earmuffs. Too big for her. One ear half ripped off. All week she’s been wearing them. On and off. Here and there.

But. Since last night, she just won’t take them off. She gets so upset. After the bath, I brushed her hair and she checked to see if she was wearing them.

Courtesy of Erica Petrillo

Today is school. It’s not winter. Again, one side, half missing.

My son was up early. He is my morning baby. We rush through the morning shuffle. Trying to get two kids fed, dressed, AND make it to my daughter’s school on time.

Quick breakfast. Dressed. Hair done. Earmuffs go back on.

Good news is we are running early today. We play outside for a few minutes.

As we are getting in the car, I think to myself, ‘Okay, take them away from her now and distract with princess poppy doll.’

But I don’t. I put on the Troll’s soundtrack and we sing ‘True Colors’ together. And I have the hugest smile on my face watching her sing with those earmuffs on. She makes my heart so happy.

Courtesy of Erica Petrillo

So, on the drive to school. In my heart of hearts, I know I should explain why we aren’t going to wear them to school. In the winter she can wear them, it’s going to be 80 degrees today, not made to wear in the classroom…blah blah blah.

Then I come to the realization I am not choosing to pick this battle. It’s Friday. And yes, I am going to let her win this one. That’s when I see it.

I see a kid walking into school with a mask on. Maybe it’s show and tell in his class. Or maybe his mother wasn’t picking a battle on this beautiful fall day.

Whatever the case may be, my morning was made. And a gentle reminder to stop taking life so seriously. Is it going to matter she wears these d*mn earmuffs to school for ONE day? The answer is no. Obviously not.

Courtesy of Erica Petrillo

We take our time walking across the grass and making our way into the classroom. Parents and grandparents giving sweet smiles as she walks past in the earmuffs. I laugh and just say, ‘Not worth the battle today.’ They all have the same look on their faces. The ‘we have all been there’ face. No judgement at all. Just happy smiles.

Babies grow up too fast. I see it already. I am going to miss these sweet moments of them being so tiny. Today, I am taking it all in.

So, here’s to the kids wearing earmuffs and masks to school. Here’s to letting kids be kids. And here’s to the teachers who make us feel not only okay about letting this happen, but reassuring us we need to choose our battles.”

Courtesy of Erica Petrillo

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