‘He watches you mop floors only to have tiny footprints run right through them. He watches you pick up toys only to have them poured out again.’: Mom says ‘keep showing up, because He sees’

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“When you’re doing the dishes, He’s watching you.

When you’re fixing meals for your family, He’s watching you.

When you’re washing babies in the tub, He’s watching you.

When you’re on the brink of losing your sanity, you’ve screamed one too many times, or you just need to walk away to catch your breath, He’s watching you.

Because you see friend, God never leaves.

He watches you mop the floors only to have tiny footprints run right through them.

He watches you pick up toys only to have them poured out again.

He watches you vacuum (again) because cereal got dumped out (again).

He watches how hard you try, and He knows how overwhelmed you feel.

He sees it all.

But do you know what else He sees?

He sees how your sweet babies run straight to you when they fall because they know you’ll drop everything just to comfort them.

He sees how they cling to your pants leg while you’re trying to cook dinner and even though they continually yell ‘hold me, mama!!’ you still find a way to get it all done.

He sees how much they love you because of how much you love them.

He watches you love them with everything you have.

And you know what else? The same adoration and amazement that you see in them, He sees in you.

In total thankfulness and love for His creation, He looks down at you and says, ‘Look at my daughter. She serves her family so well.’

So, even though it’s hard, and even though you’re tired, keep pressing on.

Keep showing up.

Because He’s watching and He sees.”

Courtesy of Hannah Blythe Dunaway


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