‘I never got to see your face, but I’m still your mother. I loved you the moment I saw those 2 pink lines.’: Mom pens heartbreaking letter to child lost, ‘I hope you feel us, we’ll never stop loving you’

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“Dear Baby I Never Met,

I never got to see your face, but I’ve imagined it more times than I could count.

I was never able to wrap you in a blanket and breathe you in.

I never felt your tiny fingers grasp mine, but I’ve closed my eyes and felt your warmth.

Courtesy of Kaleigh Kristensen

I never experienced the deep bond of breastfeeding you.

I never got to see your first smile, your first laugh, or even hear your first cry.

I will never get to comfort you when you’re sad, or scared, or hurt.

But I still love you.
I’m still your mother.
My heart still aches and yearns for you.

Even though you only survived within my womb for a few months, my heart still longs for you.

I carried you.
I carried you under my heart, within the safety of my body.
I knew you.
You are my child.

Courtesy of Kaleigh Kristensen

I loved you from the moment I saw two pink lines on that test.
I loved you with a deep, fierce love; and I cared for you in all the ways I could while you rested within me.

And when I began losing you, when you started to leave my body much too early, a part of me went with you.

So, even though you’re in a better place.
Even though Jesus gets to comfort your every tear.
Even though He got to witness your first smile, your first laugh, your first words.

A piece of my heart will always be with you.
The day you left my body, my soul changed forever.

I carry you with me everywhere I go.

Courtesy of Kaleigh Kristensen

And I hope as you sit in heaven and watch over your earthly family down here, you feel our love.
I hope you know you would have fit right in with us.
I hope you feel us.
Because we will never stop loving you.

Your Mama”

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Courtesy of Kaleigh Kristensen

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