‘I SAVED HIS LIFE! I found a slight pulse. I’m doing CPR!’ My dad has always gone the extra mile, even for our dog.’: College student shares dad’s sweet act of kindness for dog’s favorite toy

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“My dad has always gone the extra mile when it comes to mine and his relationship. The time we get to spend together has been very limited my whole life due to his work schedule and always traveling or living in a different state, so when we do get to be together, we always make sure to value it as best as possible.

Father stands in car dealership hugging daughter
Courtesy Michaella Wallace

I recently just went back to school for my second semester at college, and with the first week of class starting, he wanted to do something for a quick little pick-me-up message. After finding Lucky’s baby (the teddy bear) was left outside during the snow storm, my dad thought a perfect way to make me (and the dogs, of course) smile was to make sure to save his baby at all cost.

Screenshot of text between father and daughter about their dogs toy
Courtesy Michaella Wallace

This bear has been a huge part of my dog, Lucky’s, life for six years now. He goes absolutely everywhere with him, whether it’s outside or to bed at night, so when my dad found out he was covered in snow and only found once it melted, my dad knew he had to get it back to Lucky in full recovery.

Screenshot of text between daughter and father who found dog's toy torn up
Courtesy Michaella Wallace
Screenshot of texts between daughter and her father who sent picture of dogs laying beside their toy
Courtesy Michaella Wallace

The bear is completely recovered, and Lucky is back to protecting him at all costs and will never let him get out of his sight again. I think what my dad and I would want someone to take away from this story is to grab any opportunity to emotionally connect with your family or friends. For anyone who knows my dad and I, knows this was not out of the ordinary for him. He has always made a 110% effort to make me smile, even if it’s the smallest things.

Father stands smiling beside daughter in home who is in formal dress
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I value my relationship with my dad and personally think I may have the best dad in the world, but I may be biased. When I asked my dad what he wanted someone to take away from this he said, ‘Some people can make any situation worse, and some people can make any situation better… always be that second person, even if it’s your dog’s soaking wet stuffed animal.’”

Little white dog sits on floor in home with sparkly red bow tie around his neck
Courtesy Michaella Wallace

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