‘I slept next to my husband harboring the biggest secret I’ve ever kept.’: Wife surprises husband with exciting pregnancy announcement

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“You know those once-in-a-lifetime moments where things stand still and you etch every detail in your mind to hold on to forever?

The one I remember most vividly is on August 1, 2014, when the chapel doors opened, and I was about to walk to my groom with my father by my side. The look on his face with his eyes locked on mine, every other person seemed to fade away. I will never forget that look, it is etched into my mind.

Groom stands with mouth open with best man standing beside him with hand on his shoulder
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Bride smiles as she is arm in arm with father
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I knew when we started trying to conceive I wanted to capture his face, just like that, when I told him we were pregnant – so our future child could forever have that memory too.

Kaleb has always wanted to be a dad, he talked about kids while we were engaged and for years after getting married. I wasn’t ready, I wanted a career, a house, a plan. I am not sure why all of that mattered so much to me. I already had the most important thing to begin a family, a man who loved me, and a man who without a doubt would be a great father.

Husband sits beside wife holding her face as their foreheads touch
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While starting our journey trying to conceive I began looking for a photographer who was different, one that captured raw, real, life un-posed moments, like the ones we so dearly hold on to in our minds. That’s when I found Jamie Denholm Photography, so I lurked for a while checking out her page, and when the test turned positive, I decided to reach out. There is something so vulnerable about sharing this news with a person you have never met, but I knew I needed to so we could plot the perfect reveal.

Husband and wife stand back to back while wife holds bouquet of flowers and holding finger to lip
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I wondered how I would get through the next few days keeping this secret from my husband. I must have taken 10 pregnancy tests hoping the line would get darker. It did, and each day it became more real. I slept next to my husband for 4 nights harboring the biggest secret I have ever kept in my life. The day finally came. Our photographer created the perfect announcement board and brought it with her. I stuck one of the many hidden pregnancy tests in a bouquet of flowers, and we were off.

I was so thrilled Kaleb was willing to do a random photoshoot on a scorching hot day in Texas in a full suit with no complaints. I guess he is just used to my antics by now. Little did I know I picked an important day – the Texas Longhorns were playing in the NCAA tournament. So here we are, right before the reveal, and Kaleb is live streaming the game on his phone, que the romance. Marriage is such a compromise. I was willing to let it go the first half of the photoshoot. I knew I would get his attention off the game very soon. He twirled me around, picked me up, carried me through streaming creek water, and took the perfect photos, all while checking the score.

Husband and wife stand holding hands in formal attire on rock beside river
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The moment came when I signaled to Jamie I was ready to tell my husband the news. We picked the perfect spot, and got ready for the reaction. I told Kaleb something was in my bouquet for him. Confused, he slowly reached in and pulled out the test, and just stared. My heart was racing, and of course I shed a few tears which he calmly wiped away and finally said, ‘wow.’

Wife holds out bouquet of flowers to husband as he pulls something out of bouquet
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Husband stares at wife as he pulls pregnancy test of of bouquet his wife is holding
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Husband smiles as he looks at pregnancy test while wife stands with hand over her mouth and bouquet of flowers
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Husband holds pregnancy test while he and his wife smile at each other
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Husband and wife look down at pregnancy test husband holds in his hands
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I don’t remember the rest of the words he spoke, I just remember the look on his face. Just like our wedding day. You see, there are so many moments in life that stay with you forever. Some are devastating, and some are happy. We don’t always get to pick those moments, they just happen. I chose to save this moment so our little girl will have a memory etched into her mind. She will forever know the joy on her father’s face when he first learned he was going to be a dad.”

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Husband and wife sit on blanket outside smiling beside sign that says, "We got tired of sleeping in..."
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Wife stands with hands on her stomach in shape of heart with husband standing behind her with hands over hers
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Wife sits on ground beside husband resting her head on his shoulder with sign announcing pregnancy
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