‘It was a miracle. I was in my 40s! I completely doubted my chances of getting pregnant. We found out it was triplets. We couldn’t believe it.’

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“My husband and I feared we would never become parents after years of failed attempts at getting pregnant but now we are basking in baby joy following the birth of our ‘instant family’. I complete doubted my chances of falling pregnant due to being in my 40s and sought fertility specialists because we couldn’t get pregnant my ourselves. After our struggles to conceive through IUIs,an IVF attempt and looking into adoption options, we decided to try for children of our own one final time. We decided to take out a hefty $30,000 USD loan to cover the cost of one last round of IVF. It was absolutely the last chance of being parents. We took a huge gamble taking out a loan, if it didn’t work, we would still owe $30,000 and not have children. When you want children so desperately you’ll do anything.

We had two embryos transferred to increase our chances of success and it worked! Five days after the transfer I took a pregnancy test nine days earlier than recommended – and BOOM!  There it was..the positive I’ve always hoped for! After that I took about 15 more tests just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. It was a miracle! The feeling was amazing. I never thought I would be able to have children and yet I always wanted them so badly. Scans initially revealing we were having twins.

At our 12-week ultrasound a third ‘hidden’ baby was discovered but instead of joy we were immediately presented with a  decision, to terminate one or risk losing two of them. The day we found out we were having triplets we were in such shock, we couldn’t believe it. We were told since the identical twins were sharing a placenta, one could not get enough blood and the other too much, risking their chances of survival. They gave me the choice to terminate one of my babies or risk losing the twins. It was crazy to go from the joy of the third baby to talking about terminating one of them.

But we felt we were given a third baby for a reason so we decided to take our chances. We refused to abort one of the babies. For the rest of the pregnancy, I was always nervous going into the biweekly checkups and constantly asking if all three were breathing and if there were three heartbeats. It was so heart wrenching and then every time I heard their hearts beat it would make me cry with relief. On top of mobility difficulties, I battled pain and acid reflux from three babies pushing heavily on my gall bladder. Due to having a high-risk pregnancy I was put on bed rest from 20 weeks.

Courtesy of Christy Beck

Thankfully, I gave birth to Rockwell and identical twins Cali and Elli one year ago, who are my ‘little miracles’. To have them all three come out alive and healthy without any hearing, vision or any other problems was a literal miracle. It was such a beautiful moment, I remember hearing my boy, who came out first, cry and that’s the moment I broke down in tears. It’s like we have an instant family, we are over the moon – they have matching cribs, share the same room, have matching clothes it’s perfect. Despite the debt the we now face, we believe having children was worth it and we just celebrated their first birthday! Every day, I’m so thankful they are in our lives, everything happens for a reason and I know this was the way our family was supposed to be!”

Courtesy of Christy Beck
Courtesy of Christy Beck

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