‘Just like most moms, the modern world is kicking her ass.’

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“This week Sarah had to return to work. Her maternity leave was over.

Just like most moms, the modern world is kicking her ass.

The modern world tells her she needs to contribute financially; but judges her for leaving her babies in the hands of others to do so.

It tells her she needs to be independent and have a career; but puts her most fertile years smack bang in the formative years of it.

It tells her she can take as much leave as she wants; but legislates the safety of her position for only a paid period which they get to determine.

It tells her she needs to get her kids ready for school age; but makes her hire a nanny or send them to day care to make it happen.

It asks her to put her family first; but makes her feel bad when she doesn’t look like the models do.

It thanks her for creating the future taxpayers and leaders of the world; but not for the time she took off and ‘drained the economy.’

It tells her to be as capable as a man at work; but doesn’t hold him to the same standards as her at home.

I just want to tell the modern world to get f*cked! It’s pretty tough on women. It’s our job as men to help as much as we can so they don’t feel like the burden is all theirs.

Thank your wives gentlemen…Because the world won’t!

These two will be waiting for her when she gets home today.”


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