‘Last week, Arthur stopped by with a gift. Each time he delivers a package, Hudson lights up, runs to our front windows, and can’t wait to say, ‘Hi!’: Woman shares delivery man’s act of kindness

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“This is our 3-year-old son Hudson and one of his favorite people, Arthur.

As we all know, COVID-19 has been our world’s reality for several months. That means several months of our son home without his friends from daycare and other extracurricular activities.

Sure, we as his parents are always here for him. I happily play ‘Mommy Monster,’ host dance parties at 7 a.m., and create Playdoh pizza all day long.

But there is nothing better than making a new friend.

Like many others taking the stay-at-home orders seriously, there came a lot of online ordering. Those hundreds of orders brought Arthur into our lives.

It started with the MASSIVE multi-piece outdoor patio set I ordered when he pulled up in his FedEx truck (in the POURING rain) and helped us to bring every single box into our backyard.

Then there were the huge outdoor storage containers he helped us with. And who can forget the other 8584927 packages he has delivered to our house since March?

Each time Arthur stops at our house, Hudson lights up, runs to our front windows, and can’t wait to say, ‘Hi’ and chat with his friend.

Arthur always says hello and takes time out of his busy day to catch up with Hudson. This makes Hudson’s ENTIRE day.

In a time where so many (especially young children) are having an incredibly hard time with this ‘new way’ of life and so many restrictions, this friendship with Arthur has meant THE WORLD to Hudson…and to us.

Last week, Hudson wanted to bake cookies and make a card for his friend and today Arthur stopped by with a card and gift for Hudson to let him know how much his kind act meant to him. We were floored!

Thank you Arthur for being such a wonderful, kind, and thoughtful human being. You are the kind of person I can only hope for Hudson to always be surrounded by. You are amazing!”

Courtesy of Aimee

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