‘Stay below the radar. Don’t be trouble.’ But I CAN’T stay silent.’: Woman speaks out against Asian hate

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“I can’t sleep right now. I know why. ⁣

This message has been waiting deep inside; anger unspoken for generations. I wasn’t sure how to post this. It’s not comfortable. Not for me. And I know not for you.⁣

But it’s time this finds the space to be and the voice to speak, unchained from the burden of being a Model Minority. ⁣

I wanted to start this post with a question:

When you see this face, this skin tone, this eye shape, this black hair that doesn’t curl or shape, this petite body build, what do you first think of? ⁣

I challenge you to be honest. Even if you know me. At first ‘stranger’s eyes’ glance do you see: ⁣

  • Foreign
  • Alien
  • Speaks English???
  • Funky ethnic foods
  • Poor immigrant
  • Subservient
  • Obedient
  • Invisible model minority
  • Convenient sidekick in a movie or sitcom
  • Threat
  • ‘China virus’

You can unfollow me if you want by now. It’s okay. I achieved what I set out to do. I made you feel uncomfortable. I made you squirm. ⁣

#AsianHateCrimes #AsianHate #AsianHaters #RacismAgainstAsians #AsianViolence #ViolenceAgainstAsians are the point here.⁣

My community has been taught to not report such things to police. ‘No trouble,’ ‘Sorry,’ ‘No English,’ ‘I am no trouble’—all phrases we were taught to use to remain invisible, to not be involved, to stay under the radar no matter how many insults were thrown our way. ⁣

COVID has just made this problem bubble forth, unleashing a torrent of acts of violence against people of Asian descent. Yes. Even here in Canada. ⁣

I can’t stay silent on this. This is my heritage and my people. And we cannot just stay below the radar anymore and ‘not be trouble.’

I don’t have any data on how to do this. But I will find ways to be a pebble of conscience in the general public’s shoe so we don’t forget this disgusting trend. ⁣

This goes for ALL #ActsOfRacism and hatred of any who are judged as too ethic or too foreign. All hatred and racist acts against our black, brown, trans, indigenous, LGBTQ+ (please correct me or add to if I have missed anyone or have misrepresented you)—ALL our human family in the world must be called out. ⁣

This our mandate.”

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