‘The other day I thought, ‘I miss hanging with my girls,’ while scrolling through photos. A light bulb went off.’: Woman’s hilarious solution after virus ruins ‘much needed girlfriend time’

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“This weekend I had a Sunday Funday drive with my friends.

I was finally able to spend some time with some of my girlfriends who I miss beyond words. I miss the craziness, the laughter, solving the problems of the world, drinking wine together, and laughing til’ we wet our pants – because it happens to those of us that are older, but we consider it a darn good day when that happens.

The Coronavirus has thrown a large monkey wrench into my much needed time with my girlfriends. Sure, you can Zoom, Facetime, text, call, or any of the other ways to see or hear someone through a screen, which helps, but it is nothing like being together. I don’t want to complain too much, yet I do.

Courtesy of Becky Gacono
Courtesy of Becky Gacono

I’m a realtor and own a small bakery. So because my mind is idle, I have a lot of time to be thinking about things that are high on the crazy scale. When I was busy BC (before Corona), my mind was helpful in being creative in a business sense. Without my businesses, my mind is spinning out of control.

The other day I was thinking about how much I miss hanging with my girls. Drinking this much wine alone is not the same. Hmmm…what to do? I started looking through photos and was reminded of all the fun we have together. Then a light went off. Why not print off their faces so they can join me for a car ride around town? Kind of like ‘build them and they will come,’ or something like that.

I found photos of their faces I could blow up to 8.5 X 11’ size and poof – there they were. Now all I had to do was have a body to hold up their head. I had gone through my closet a few weeks ago, on that one day I was motivated to do something productive, and had bags of clothing to donate. PERFECT! I can build them. Kind of like scarecrows, but cuter.

Christine was first because I swore I heard her yell ‘shotgun.’ I built her and put her in the front seat with her seat belt on – safety first. Next was Amy Jo, Rhiannon, and Heather in the back seat. I got them finished up and strapped in around 10:00 p.m. I wonder if the neighbors are shocked at anything I do anymore. 

Courtesy of Becky Gacono
Courtesy of Becky Gacono

As I’m doing this, my husband is kind enough to not ask questions and occasionally says, ‘Do you need help with anything?’ and I kindly say, ‘No, thank you.’

So, off to bed I go. I wake up in the morning, send photos to my girlfriends and ask them if they will be ready to go for a ride around 1:30 or so. They are all in. So, we called it our Sunday Funday and headed out. I had them on a group chat on speaker so we could talk. I drove around the block with them and then parked at a playground, which normally would be creepy, but these days it is allowed.

We talked and laughed and wet our pants a bit. It was a fantastic day. We loved our wacky time together and we can’t wait until it happens in real life again. For now, other options will have to do. Who knows what will pop into my head in the meantime. 

Safe to say my quarantine is going just fine.”

Courtesy of Becky Gacono

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