‘We were in complete amazement. We were also nervous having 4 babies in 13 months! I must have asked the question 5 times. No one thought it was me! Everyone was in disbelief.’

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“When I found out I was pregnant with our 5th child I was in shock. Not because we did not want that many children, but because we already had four at home, three of which were under the age of six months. I mean it literally took Four – yes FOUR IVF treatments to get pregnant. We used a surrogate to ensure a baby and my pregnancy happily went full term. Our surrogate wound up having twins. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could get this lucky until our surprise pregnancy.

True story is that my tummy was growing but since I had recently had my daughter I thought I may have scar tissue build up. I showed my family and friends my tummy and asked what they thought it was. No one suggested I could be pregnant. Finally at 3 months I made an appointment with a doctor to figure out my problem. The appointment was on Friday. For some reason Thursday night it dawned on me I should take a pregnancy test. Sure enough it was positive. I took the test three times due to my disbelief. Next morning I cancelled my doctors appointment and headed straight to my OB where she confirmed I was 3 months pregnant! How is it after trying so hard and finally having our life dreams come true with four children that I could get naturally pregnant? We were in complete amazement. We realized we were beyond blessed but also a little nervous having 4 babies in 13 months. When we told our family and friends they asked if we meant our surrogate was pregnant again. No one thought it was me! Even our oldest son asked if we did IVF again. Everyone was in disbelief.

Our miracle baby boy Dylan was born at 29 weeks. My placenta had completely broken through my uterine wall, my condition placenta accreta worsened and once I started hemorrhaging my doctors decided to take him out as quickly as possible. I kept saying ‘does he really have to come out?’ And they kept saying ‘yes.’ I must have asked the question five times. I couldn’t believe he was coming this early. It’s hard to explain the first time you see your child this small. The first half hour I cried because I feared so much for his life. I did not get to see my son for the first few says he was born. I was recovering myself and could not be moved. My husband was Dylan’s only visitor. The events for the next few days were surreal. I quickly resolved to be strong for him, talking to him and telling him everything will be OK. Next came the fierce determination to help him get whatever he needs to thrive. Everything. Anything.

Dylan was in the NICU for 2 1/2 months. As happy as I was to leave the hospital and be home with my 4 kids at home, it broke my heart to leave Dylan in the NICU. I went to the NICU every day and held Dylan for a few hours. It was a lot finding my way back to some sort of routine at home and traveling back and forth to the hospital. It was very hard but getting to hold all my kids is what got me through. Also my husband and I built an even stronger bond through this difficult situation and now having five kids we have to divide and conquer. Without each other this would be an impossible situation. We have fallen more deeply in love. Seeing each other’s strength drives the other to be better.

After many long weeks, we were able to take Dylan home and be united as a family of seven. One of the best days of my life! Dylan was finally able to breathe on his own for 5 straight days. Once he met this hurdle he was able to come home. We were scared to death to bring home our preemie and have to care for him so cautiously but we knew he would do much better at home surrounded by his loving family.

Today we are managing- 5 kids- 4 under 18 months. We can honestly say we love every second. It’s hard but it’s so worth it. Our hearts and hands are forever full.”

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