3 Lessons Of Single Motherhood I Wish Every Mama Could Know

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1. You Need More Time Away From Them Than You Probably Realize

Take your time alone—nights out, girls’ weekends—when you can. Close the door and read a book while they’re having screen time. Sneak out for a solo walk and leave a partner or older child in charge.

You need space, and you probably don’t get enough to keep yourself well. I’d put money on it.⁠

2. It’s Okay to be Upset Sometimes

Life has trauma and kids know this. You won’t break them if you cry or yell occasionally.

What matters more is how you come back from it and that you’re honest, and apologetic, when you need to be.⁠

3. A Home Can be Anywhere You Say It Is

Whether small or big, temporary or for their whole childhood, ‘Instaworthy’ (whatever that means) or hand-me-down, where YOU are is home.⁠

Courtesy of Dara Bergeron

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