‘We should have the freedom to say, ‘The thought of reading with my kids makes me want to gouge my eyes out.’ Just be HONEST about it.’: Mom urges honest motherhood, ‘It doesn’t mean we don’t love them’

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“I just want you to know if you are my friend, you can say, ‘My kids were jerks today,’ without one look of judgement from me.

You should feel free to be able to say, ‘I want to run away today,’ without any pearl-clutching.

I know I complain a lot about parenting, and that is because raising children is the hardest, most physically and emotionally impossible thing I’ve ever done. Every day is a new, uncharted water.

I broke up fights today, got frustrated, raised my voice, cried, consoled crying, felt guilty, felt happy, felt loved, gave love. All in less than 24 hours.

It’s hard. It’s hard for all of us. We wonder if we are screwing it up all the time.

So, why not just be honest about it?

Why not have the freedom to say, ‘I just cannot be f*cked with dinner tonight,’ and, ‘The thought of reading with my kids makes me want to gouge my eyes out.’

I want you to know with me, you can say this and I’ll never think you don’t love your kids or you’re unappreciative.

Screw all the perfectionist attitudes, and the ‘oh, my children are blessings 24/7’ grateful optimism.

It doesn’t mean we don’t love our children, it doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful—but we are allowed to vent. Because you know what’s even harder than raising children?

Pretending it’s not hard.”

Courtesy of Laura Mazza

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