‘He can get on my last nerve but he’s also the sweetest. I put him through hell and back, yet here we are.’: Woman writes touching story about fiancé

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“He can get on my last nerve, but he really is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. I’ve dealt with a**holes before and was with a narcissistic and abusive person (yeah I was stupid), but left him. I met my now-fiancé not too long after.

He had to fight for me because I was not ready to settle, but he was so patient with me. I feel like I put him through hell and back, but four years later…here we are with a beautiful 1-year-old baby girl.

Courtesy of Lerice Wee

My fiancé was born with no pigmentation in his hair, so his hair is white and his arms and legs also have vitiligo. He used to tell me he was bullied during his elementary and middle school days, and I’m so glad he overcame that and still remained such a good person, instead of projecting negativity to others.

Do you ever wish you could be a better person? Because I always wish to be like him…so patient, kind, and won’t take his anger out on me. I always wish I was as loving and caring…I don’t know, maybe it’s the way I was raised.

Courtesy of Lerice Wee

We never hugged or said ‘I love you’ in our household growing up (it’s just the culture), but his family does all the time, and when I met them I was super awkward with things like that, but now I’m such a hugger and tell my daughter I love her every second of the day!

Courtesy of Lerice Wee

Also, he’s the kind of person who won’t complain about anything, not even if you mess his order up at a restaurant or drive thru a million times, lol. I’m usually the one to speak up and confront someone. He’s such a good man who takes care of his family.”

Courtesy of Lerice Wee

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