‘I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE.’ I was in fight or flight WHERE I least expected it. I felt so small.’: Woman shares details of anxiety attack, ‘I ENCOURAGE people to get help’

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“I’m at home right now, curled up in bed next to my three year old. It’s nap time, and I should probably try to sleep. But instead, I am staring at the ceiling fan, crying. My mascara is all over my pillow, but I can’t think about that.

Because all I can think about right now is this hole punched in my heart today, by absolutely nobody.

I am on the crashed-out side of an anxiety attack.

And ‘attack’ is the perfect word, because just like a lion in the grass, this d*mn thing snuck up on me and pounced when I least expected it.

WHERE I least expected it.

I felt safe. I was filling my cup. I was a gazelle at the watering hole.

And the watering hole was my church.

It was the most unexpected thing in the most unexpected place, and I was utterly and entirely unable to defend myself.

One moment I was singing in the praise band, worshiping God. He felt so big and so in charge of it all.

And the next thing I know, I am feeling so incredibly small. And surrounded. And the buzzing voices of all the people I love in my congregation sounded like a million bees, and just like that my heart was a drum. My palms started sweating. And the only thing I could hear in my brain over the sound of my friendly pastor’s sermon was:


So I snuck out. I texted the praise band leader, ‘Sorry, I just couldn’t finish the job today.’

‘I have a headache.’

Which was true. But not the entire truth.

It’s not that I needed to lie to him. He’s a friend, and mental health is not a topic my church stigmatizes.

But the truth is, until I grabbed my baby out of the nursery, sprinted out to the minivan, and escaped the parking lot like I was fleeing war zone, it wasn’t quite clear to me what the heck was happening.

I was full on Fight or Flight. I was fleeing the lion I thought was in a building.

Except the lion is in my head.

And this infuriates me, and devastates me, because I ENCOURAGE people to get help. I ENCOURAGE people to seek professionals out when something is up with their mental health.

But I’m not the one who actually needs to do so, right?

But, oh. Crap.

Maybe I am?

In the hollow exhausted sadness which is the tail-end of an anxiety attack, staring at the ceiling fan with tears running down my face, I sent a text to my counselor.

‘Hey, it’s time for me to come back in.’

So, tomorrow, I have an appointment. Because this mama can’t run a household if she’s constantly being attacked. I can’t let the voices of my children become the bees in my head.

Tomorrow I take a step toward restoration, whatever it may look like this time.

And why do I share this?

Because I want you to see in the middle of hilarious viral videos and adorable pictures and heartfelt, little statuses, there is a woman who can break.

Occasionally, she does.

We all can.

And the most important thing in the world is we talk about this. Without judgement.

This week, I am going to get away from my lions. But there are other mamas who don’t know how.

Well, I am swallowing my pride and showing you the first step.

Watch me. This is it.

Admit to brokenness and seek the help you need.

I know. As simple as that sounds, it can be the hardest thing in the world sometimes.

Can’t it?”

Courtesy of Mary Katherine Backstrom

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