‘I let my boyfriend keep me from my husband. I dated a man for years who never intended to grow with me, invest in me, or build with me.’: Woman urges ‘the right man will waste NO TIME’

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“I let my boyfriend keep me from my husband.

You read that right. I dated a man for two years who never intended to grow with me, invest in me, or build with me. Two years. Wasted. And I did it TWICE. 5 years. Wasted.

When my husband messaged me, I told him straight up I was looking for a husband and not a boyfriend. I was days out of my last relationship. I was tired. 5 years with 2 men who saw no value in me left me drained. I wanted to build a life and family.

1 month later, we moved in together.

3 months later, we got a bigger apartment together.

1 year later, we bought a house together.

1 year and 5 months later, we got married.

1 year and 10 months later, our daughter is due in 4 weeks.

Trust me when I tell you, the right man will waste NO TIME. My husband told me in the 6th grade we would get married and buy a house one day. Nearly a decade later, we did just that.

Almost 2 years with him and now I’m a Wife, a Mother, a Homeowner, a Business Owner, a College Graduate, and above all, I’m HAPPY, I’m LOVED, and I’m CONTENT. I’m beyond blessed with a dependable man, a wonderful husband, and soon to be amazing dad to our daughter.

If your boyfriend isn’t pouring into you, praying for your success, and making you wonder how you ever lived without him…

Leave him and go find your husband.”

Courtesy of Summer Haddix

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