‘Let him take the nap and sleep in late on Saturday. He’s doing this for you and your family. Be proud of him.’: Wife grateful for hardworking husband, ‘one of the last of a dying breed’

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“It’s a hot 97 degrees outside with a heat index of 107, and the humidity is so high, you can almost cut it with a knife. I’m blessed I’m not one of those people working outdoors in these outrageous conditions, but my husband is. The breadwinner for our family, the big teddy bear to which my kids like to jump and climb on, the guy who does it all for us. He’s out there day in and day out in conditions most wouldn’t make it an hour in, and he never complains. No, not even once. The only time he ever mentions the heat is when I ask him how his day was, in which he always replies, ‘hot.’

Courtesy of Vicky Tate

Some folks are made for it, and I know some aren’t. I understand that. But, I have tremendous respect for the man who goes to work at 5:30 a.m. every morning so he and his crew can beat the heat.

Today is Friday, and when he got home, he immediately took a nap. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was exhausted. The heat had about gotten to him today. So, I don’t say a word. I keep the kids as far away and as quiet as possible, because he deserves it. He deserves his one nap a week on Friday after his week is done. He can finally wind down and think about just relaxing on the weekend, even though he won’t.

Courtesy of Vicky Tate

He will be playing with our kids and helping me prepare for the upcoming school year. He’ll be building my new shelves for my classroom without a complaint. He’ll go to church on Sunday and then start all over again on Monday. You know why? He loves us. He loves his family more than words can say. He loves providing for us. He loves working hours that allow him to be home with us every night, regardless of how backbreaking the work is.

Courtesy of Vicky Tate

Ladies, if your husband comes home exhausted, grumpy, and irritable, just hang in there. It’s hot, too hot. He’s doing this for you and your family. Be proud of him, and let him be proud of his work. Be proud he works hard and is one of the few left in the last of a dying breed. People aren’t rushing into skilled positions anymore, because they’re hard. But he is. He’s not afraid of hard work. Thank him. Let him take the nap and sleep in late on Saturday. Let him know what he means to you and your family.

Crank that AC down a little lower before he comes home, and have his cooler stocked with Powerade and water Sunday night so he doesn’t have to do it Monday morning. He’ll thank you.”

Courtesy of Vicky Tate

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